Brady likes Pats new-look defense

Tom Brady knows how much pressure can affect a quarterback.  Just watch the game tape from Super Bowl XLII to see it.

In his weekly appearance on WEEI Brady praised the changes New England has made on “D” this offseason.

“When you put pressure on the quarterback, that’s Number one.  Any time you talk to a defensive coach at the beginning of the week, they say ‘We have to get after the quarterback.’ It was really fun to see from our sideline. Those guys are really teeing off on the quarterback. I love to see that. From another quarterback’s perspective, to stand there on the sidelines and watch them attack the quarterback — force them into quick decisions, force them into throws that you don’t want to make but have to make because you don’t have time to see the coverages — that’s good for any defensive football team.”

Last year the team finished with 36 sacks, good for fourteenth in the league.  But that could’ve been higher since the team’s defense faced more throws than any other in the league (it happens when people try to play catch-up).  So far this preseason the team has 7 sacks in two games, which would put them on pace for 56 over a full 16 games.


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