12 People Sports Fans Must Follow on Twitter

Twitter logoSince I’m the only one on this site who uses Twitter (you already follow @notscottjackson, right?) I decided to list of the dozen people (in no particular order) you must follow if you’re a sports fan.  These aren’t all-stars or hall of famers who happen to have a Twitter page, but people who you’ll actually find interesting.

  • Joe Maddon (@raysjoemaddon) The Tampa skipper has some very zen-like gems and an unexpected sense of humor.  Take this one from August 6: “[Oakland As pitcher Brandon] McCarthy did the exact same thing to us 2nite that he did in Oakland. This was all about him. Goo Goo Dolls were the best part of the nite.”
  • Chad Ochocinco (@ochocinco) He’s been on a roll since joining New England.  Last week he asked his followers for directions around Boston.  He’s also always asking his followers to play him on Xbox.
  • Darren Rovell (@darrenrovell) Who knew someone from CNBC could be so interesting?  Their sports business reporter takes submissions from his followers like this one: “MUST SEE NAME OF THE DAY: The manager at the Cape Cod CVS http://t.co/rpMVleb (via @DanielYoung_neu).”
  • Jared Dudley (@jareddudley619)  The BC alum isn’t the greatest basketball player out there.  But on Twitter he’s the most like-able NBA player, partially because he gives good opinions on sports outside of basketball, and asks his followers questions like “Serious Question: Having a Huge Debate with my boy @DJBamboozle on who’s a better NFL QB!!! @MikeVick or Phillip Rivers. Who u got?”
  • Eric Stangel (@ericstangel) the head writer and executive producer of Late Night with David Letterman tweets mostly about sports.  He’s plays games with his followers like “Great Mustache in Yankees’ history.
  • Rory McIlroy (@mcilroyrory) The reigning US Open champ offers insight into the world of golf.  After the British Open he tweeted “Just off the phone with the champion golfer of the year….. He must have had a good one last night!!! Think he’s still drunk! Lol” about Darren Clarke.
  • Mark Cuban (@mcuban) Would you expect anything else from Cuban?
  • Albert Breer (@albertbreer) The true winner of the NFL lockout.  The NFL Network reporter (and former Boston Herald writer) spent most of the summer camped outside of labor negotiations.
  • Willie McGinest (@williemcginest) The former Patriot and future hall of famer is good at posting news stories.  As a bonus he’ll follow you.
  • Drew Brees (@drewbrees)  Last summer he asked his Twitter followers to suggest names for his son.  Enough said.
  • Jason and Devin McCourty (@mccourtytwins) One’s a former sixth round pick of the Titans.  The other was New England’s first round pick in 2010.  But together they’re pretty good at tweeting. This past off-season they gave away prizes to their followers for answering trivia questions.
  • Scott Jackson (@jacksonsports) No, we’re not related.  But this Scott Jackson, is a Washington, DC radio host and has good insights on all things DC.

About Scott Jackson

The Managing Editor and Co-Founder of Bleacher Bum Sports and graduate of Boston's Emerson College. Seinfeld Fan. Follow him on Twitter @NotScottJackson
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