NFL Power Rankings – Post Free Agency

Here we go, here are my post free agency Power Rankings.  The number in the (-) is the number a team was previously ranked.

1.) Philadelphia Eagles (10) – This team is unreal.  If Michael Vick stays healthy, I can not fathom this team not getting to the Super Bowl. Nnamdi Asomugha, Asante Samuels, and Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie form what is the best secondary in the NFL. That’s enough fire power to stop the second team on this list…

2.) Green Bay Packers (1) – The Packers and Aaron Rodgers were beastly in the playoffs last year, bringing the Lombardi Trophy back to Green bay again. There is no real reason to doubt that the Packers won’t repeat this year other than the fact that NFC is tough.

3.) New England Patriots (3) – Bringing in Chad Ocho-Cinco and Albert Haynesworth will only help a team that already went 14-2 last season. As long as Tom Brady is healthy, the Patriots are a dangerous team.

4.) New York Jets (2) – The Jets have been leap-frogged by the Patriots and Eagles mainly because they have failed to add anything to a team that despite getting to the AFC championship last season, was very inconsistent and did everything they could toward the end of the season to play themselves out of a wild card spot.  Plaxico Burress would have been a great signing 3 years ago, but he is older now and will need most of the season if not all of it to catch up to NFL speed.

5.) Pittsburgh Steelers (4) – Pittsburgh moves down because the Eagles moved up, the Steelers will do fine in the regular season and they will most likely make noise in the playoffs as long as match-ups favor them like last season.

6.) Baltimore Ravens (6)- The Ravens are tough as nails on defense, it just remains to be seen as to whether Joe Flacco is legitimate or not. He has to lead that offense more efficiently if Baltimore wants another super bowl.

7.)  Atlanta Falcons (7) – The Falcons stay put at 7, I like this team, I just don’t know if i trust this team.  I want to see them start to put together another good year before I place them higher.

8.) Chicago Bears (5) – Jay Cutler, Jay Cutler, Jay Cutler, Jay Cutler… He is the most important piece, it remains to be seen if he can lead a team.

9.) New Orleans Saints (9) – The Saints offense is explosive but their defense remains suspect, and although they got Mark Ingram in the draft, I feel that Reggie Bush is a decent loss.

10.) Indianapolis Colts (10) – Peyton Manning is enough for this team to be in the mix every year, and he will have a better year than last year, but that defense has to step if the Colts have super bowl aspirations.

11.) Tampa Bay Buccaneers (11) – I like the Buccaneers a lot, they are a good, young, team. Young teams however can be inconsistent, so it remains to be seen as to whether they can be consistently good yet.

12.) San Diego Chargers (12) – San Diego always has the talent, but they find a way to screw it up every year.

13.) Dallas Cowboys (13) – The Boys have Tony Romo back, which in my opinion means they will be highly competitive. The defense on this team is missing more than a few pieces though, so we will have to see about this one.

14.) Kansas City Chiefs (14) – Is Matt Cassel legitimate? if the answer is yes this team could be higher, if its no, then they could be lower. For the time being they stay right here.

15.) St. Louis Rams (15) – They would have normally moved up with the off-season moves they made but i have a hard time moving them after a 7-9 year.

16.) New York Giants (16) – Potential is there, Eli Manning just has to keep it together this season.

17.) Detroit Lions (17) – Ndamukong Suh and Nick Fairley, that is a monster line over in Detroit.  If Matt Stafford stays upright, this team could surprise a lot of people.

18.) Houston Texans (19) – Picking up Jonathan Joseph will help a terrible secondary, but it wont fix it all.

19.) Jacksonville Jaguars (20) – David Gerrard needs to step up if he wants to keep his job.

20.) Minnesota Vikings (24) – Call me crazy but I think Donovan McNabb can turn it around and be a solid Quarterback for the Vikings and keep them in the playoff race.

21.) Miami Dolphins (20) – I’m not really impressed with the Reggie Bush signing. They basically traded Ronnie Brown for Reggie Bush and to me that’s a wash.  They still have no quarterback.

22.) Oakland Raiders (22) – Every year, people doubt Oakland, and every year the Raiders play tough all year.  If they could just grow some consistency. They could be scary.

23.) Tennessee Titans (23) – I’m not sold on Matt Hasselbeck being the guy in Tennessee, he is way over the hill and I think its fair to say that the one playoff game he won last year was more of an aberration than anything else.

24.) Seattle Seahawks (21) – So they lost Matt Hasselbeck, not really a big deal, but they don’t have anyone better.  Which is a big deal. Unless Seattle finds a Quarterback, they will not repeat as division champions.

25.) Cleveland Browns (25) – No real improvements here, same tough team.  Lets see some consistency.

26.) Arizona Cardinals (31) – No one really knows how good Kevin Kolb will be, but its an easy bet that he will be better than what the Cardinals trotted out last year and that alone makes them much better.

27.) Washington Redskins (27) – Addition by subtraction I guess. Trading Albert Haynesworth and Donovan McNabb can’t hurt, so it must help. Right?

28.) Denver Broncos (29) – For some reason, I just feel confident in Tim Tebow.  I don’t know why. Confident enough to rank the Broncos at number 28…

29.) Buffalo Bills (28) – No Quarterback, no real strengths.

30.) San Francisco 49ers (26) – Alex Smith. Really?

31.) Cincinnati Bengals(31) – Trade Carson Palmer already and get something for him.

32.) Carolina Panthers (32) – Not much to get excited about in Carolina.


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