Central Divisions May Give Fans Exciting Baseball Down The Stretch

Brandon Inge (left) and Miguel Cabrera (right) will be factors if the Detroit Tigers are to win the AL Central this year

The baseball season has just entered August, and the season is entering the final stretch. Right now, every division but the NL East has a team leading by  3.5 games or less. But if you want to find the best races in the last two months,  look no further than the two central divisions in baseball.

Now, I know what you’re saying. If every division is close, why those? Well, granted this is true, but overall right now, the playoff picture is looking pretty clear. In the American League, either the Red Sox or Yankees will win the division and the other is sure to get the Wild Card slot with their great winning records. In the National League, the same can be said with the Phillies and Braves. The Arizona Diamondbacks may have something to say about that, but I do not expect them to last up there this long.

So with that, the most enticing races are for the divisions, which in the Central is tough to predict for both. In the American League, the Detroit Tigers hold a two game lead over the Cleveland Indians. However, both the Chicago White Sox, who are four games back and the Minnesota Twins, who are 7.5 games back could still make a run late in the season. In the National League, things have seperated a little bit lately with the Milwaukee Brewers leading the division over the St. Louis Cardinals by 3.5 games. However, the Pittsburgh Pirates, who just led the division last week and have been the surprise story of baseball this year are 5.5 games back and the Cincinatti Reds are 7.5 games back.

Ryan Braun (left) and Prince Fielder (right) will be two keys if the young Milwaukee Brewers are able to hold on to the NL Central division

With both divisions still having four teams who could win it and knowing it is the only team that will most likely enter the playoffs from their division, it ensures us that these races should be exciting and divisional games against each other will be fun to watch!


About Steve Palmatier

My name is Stephen Palmatier. I'm from Quincy, Massachusetts. I graduated from North Park University in Chicago, Illinois in May of 2011 with a degree in Communications/Media Studies. I wrote for the sports section in my school paper this past year. I currently am volunteering for an internship at KICY Radio in Nome, Alaska! I have a deep passion about sports and I follow what is going on every day.
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