Top 5 Players who could be Dealt

Baseball’s trade deadline is rapidly approaching.  We’ve already seen players like Carlos Beltran, Hunter Pence and Ubaldo Jiminez sent packing.  So who else could be on the move before today’s 4 pm non-waiver deadline?

  1. Heath Bell.  The closer is in his final year in San Diego, and the Padres aren’t likely to re-sign him after the off-season.  Bell has 30 saves already this year, and should reach 40 saves for the straight season.  He’s also made three-straight all-star games, and last year finished eighth in Cy Young voting last year.  The Rangers, Cardinals, Yankees and Phillies are among the many teams looking at him.  The Red Sox could be in play too, considering GM Theo Epstein’s connections with San Diego.
  2. B.J. Upton.  Though the Rays center fielder feels he won’t be traded, Tampa Bay could get a small fortune for the 26 year-old considering he won’t be a free agent until after next year.  Teams are concerned about his low average (.222 this year, a number that’s declined each year since hitting .300 in 2007).  But he has great speed, swiping 40+ bases each year from 2008 ’til 2010, and has 23 this season.  The Nationals, Reds and Indians have some interest in him.  The Braves were too, until dealing for Michael Bourn earlier today.
  3. Mike Adams.  The Padres set-up man has better numbers than his teammate Bell, including an unbelievable WHIP of 0.729.  The Phillies are said to prefer him over Bell. The Rangers could also be interested if they don’t like the asking price on Bell.  If he doesn’t get dealt this year, expect Adams to be the top target at next year’s deadline.
  4. Erik Bedard.  It feels like the pitcher’s been on the trade block ever since Seattle acquired him from Baltimore before the 2008 season.  He’s bounced back nicely since missing all of 2010 with shoulder problems, but he last start was less than impressive.  The Red Sox (who nixed a deal for Rich Harden last night) and Cardinals (even though they already acquired Edwin Jackson) are in the hunt for Bedard’s services.
  5. Carlos Quentin.  He’s only hitting .259 this year, but he does have power (20 HR, 62 RBI).  The Red Sox are said to be interested as Josh Reddick has struggled since JD Drew was DLed.  Would be a perfect fit for their already potent line-up.  And while got Bourn, they might still be interested in a power-hitter like Quentin. The Phillies were interested too until dealing for Pence.

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