Asomugha to the Jet’s: Just a matter of time

For all those Jets fans trying to figure out whether or not their team will sport two of the best corners in football, the wait is over. I have little to no doubt in my mind that Nnamdi Asomugha will announce that he is signing with the Jets no later than Saturday and its really the only place for him to land that makes sense.

According to Adam Schefter of ESPN, the 49ers have officially dropped out of the running for Asomugha (though they were never front runners) and that left only the Cowboys and the Jets left looking in on Asomugha.

I would love to think that Asomugha could sign with the Cowboys, i really  would.  But i can’t honestly believe that a team that still needs two safeties and two defensive ends is cutting cap space to sign a corner-back.

The Jets in the meanwhile, have most of their roster all set up and are just looking to bolster an already stern pass defense. The Jets, are the team who has veterans like Ladainian Tomlinson taking a pay cut to bring Asomugha onboard. The Jets, are the team putting everything on hold to wait for Nnamdi’s decision.

The Jets should be the team pulling in the best free agent in Asomuga.

UPDATE – The Eagles have signed Asomugha out of nowhere…5 years 60 million



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3 Responses to Asomugha to the Jet’s: Just a matter of time

  1. Eagle Eye says:

    You should rename this sight the Asomugha blog

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